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pc jo cavern.jpg
with Jim Corcoran, Montreal. 2013
pc pat.jpg
Jimmy Haslip ("Carol Welsman" recording, Toronto 2006
Picking with Patrick Norman, Halifax, 2018
with Johanne Provencher, Cavern Club, Liverpool, 2018
Carol Welsman, Ken Peplowski, Jimmy Branly, Rene Camacho, Tokyo, 2011
with Martin Taylor at my house 2007
with George and Barbara Bush 2002
with Claude Foisy in L.A. (Doonby)
with Claude Foisy in L.A.
with Alain Caron and Damien Schmitt, Paris, 2012
with Christian Pamerleau and Guy Boisvert, Mont Tremblant jazz festival 2013
At Picoson Studio, Granby, Quebec
with Ken Peplowski, Japan 2011
Setting up in Imabara, Japan, 2016
With Guthrie Trapp 2018, Nashville.
With Pierre Flynn, Yann Perreau, Nelson Minville Festival de Petite Vallée 2003.
With Jim Corcoran, Louise Forestier, Petite Vallée 2003.
With Alain Caron, Palermo, Italy 2012
danick stephane.jpg
With Danick Dupelle and Stéphane Laplante 2018, Nashville.
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